Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trip to Africa Based Orientation

We borrowed a vehicle and took a trip South. It took longer than we anticipated.

We took a trip south to attend the Mission's Africa Based Orientation. It was beautiful but we had frequent break-downs.
We started out by seeing Gerenuk that seemed to have two heads.

We had our first two breakdowns, because of the vacuum advance having trouble.

We got to see some baboons, before reaching the town where our teammates were staying to have a baby.

Upon reaching that town "Marsabit" we had a flat tire. It order to seat the tire back on the rim gasoline was poured on the tire and lit on fire, then hit to cause the burning gas to fall into the tire and expand quickly and seat it. (note not OSHA approved)

That little piece is part of the U-joint. It failed the the driveshaft came loose and in the process grabbed all the wires and pulled them apart.

Try to find the wire connections!

A new break down, trouble with the distributor cap
We got to see a Giraffe on the side of the Road.

The next flat at a inn where we spent the night.
The next breakdown, suspension bolts sheared but spirits were high because of the beautiful spot and cool weather.The cows went out for grazing.

Around Lunch time Scott went to find bolts and lunch.
Scott returned with lunch but no bolts. The Cows also returned, giving new meaning to the phrase "till the cows come home"Everyone looking sun burnt and worn out from the day there.
The owner of the vehicle brought bolts and a rescue vehicle.
Eating dinner at a "duka" store on the road.
Finally at ABO with other newer missionaries. (yup definitely a little strange)