Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well we have moved from our place in KaIach a to Nairobi. This is not what we anticipated, but we believe it is what God has for us now.

In KaIach a we learned many things, had great times and trying times too. (Steve learns to wear the local "man skirt" called kalumpa)

The vastness of the ChaIbi desert was striking.

The nothingness begins just outside of the village.

And Seems to extend forever

at times the salt is so thick you might think it was snow if not for the 120 degree heat.

Ezekiel's face shows his discontent at having a towel keep his head from bouncing.

Ezekiel happy to be united with Ako (Grandmother)

Ako teaching us how to carry Umuro (Ezekiel) on her back

Our bed after a week and a half. We removed the pillows to show the dust.