Friday, January 17, 2014

Decoding the Financial Side

People have asked for our financial information.
We thought we would give the breakdown of where our support goes and what is needed as of 2014
the Monthly support target for a married couple with 3 kids not yet in school in Kenya is $5,249
from that figure comes out
-our combined monthly Salary is $1,801 ($900 for Steve and $900 for Angie)
-Social Security tax 6% (or $304)
-funding for AIM's international council 2.1% (or $110)
     (Decision making body)
-funding for AIM's home (US) administration 11.4% (or $583)              
    (Helps missionaries on home assignment and recruiting)
-funding for AIM's field(Kenya) administration 8.5% (or $435)
     (Helps us with visas, entry permits, housing....)
-funding to help pay for plane tickets, home assignment 5.2% (or $273)
- emergency retiree assistance 1.0% (or $52)
-Medical insurance $682
-401K $520
-Funds for ministry projects $360 

currently we are at $3575 or 68%
Please pray for us. If there are any questions please ask us.
If you are interested in supporting us this link should help support options