Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sacrifice and outside house

This is old news that happened before Ezekiel was born but I thought it was interesting (and I had already uploaded the pics) so here it is...
I (Steve)(No Women are allowed) was invited to observe a traditional Gabbra sacrifice. I went with the old men and we sat near a traditional Gabbra house. The "meat" from the sacrificed goat was brought. Each man had blood smeared on his head and a piece of goat skin tied on his wrist. I was given some of the "best" part of the goat... a glob of fat to eat. (Not being sure of the whole "meat sacrificed to idols" and not being a big fan of roasted fat it got slipped into my pocket. This is not a good idea as the cleaning is difficult:)
The men then prayed and drank a coffee drink. With my very limited language I tried to ask them who they were praying to and why. They pray to Waaq (God) and to the animals. There were MusIums, Traditionalist and Catholics there. The next time of Sacrifice is coming so I will get to ask many more questions.

It was so hot and we had run out of kerosene for our lanterns so at night we would pull our seats and visit with the kids.