Friday, January 2, 2009

Catching up on life

We are very behind on updating this blog, this is the post that I hope catches us up.

We have really been struggling with the idea of bringing Ezekiel back to a house that has a floor made up of 10,000 marble size rocks (i.e. choking hazard, and scorpion camouflage) The mission has allowed us to move to a house with a cement floor, running water and now that we have finally gotten our solar panel up, lights(custom made by Steve's brother for solar systems)

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One of the Reasons we were nervous in the old house->

-We attended a short conference for all Kenya A.I.M.ers before we headed up country again. Salome, Angi, Ezekiel, Enock, and Ezra were able to fly up by plane. This was a huge praise for Paul and I because the trip was extended because of of so many break downs.

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A great picture that Charmyn took that captures the spirit of the trip->

Traditionally if a boy is born the Gabbra women will come and dance and sing. It was a pleasure to have them come to our place.

Christmas eve our team was able to have a big dinner together. Angi was able to make 2 pies and a cobbler all on our propane stove. I (steve) was so impressed I had to take a picture of one of the pies. Coconut cream:)
Christmas Day was a very difficult day. We were going to sleep in but we were awoken by a friend wanting to borrow money. After a busy morning when things were starting to slow down in the afternoon, I (steve) was moving Ezekiel and the chair he was in folded and I dropped him about 3 ft onto solid concrete. Ezekiel lip was ripped up and his left upper arm was broken. We flew out the next day to get an X-ray to a town called Gatab. 4 days later we flew down to Nairobi to take Ezekiel to Kijabe hospital. The Dr. has told us that Ezekiel will heal fine. Please pray for us as this is very difficult to deal with and figure out what the best things are to do.

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Bruised and bandaged boy->

Our lives are different in KaIach a. To keep water cooler we put a sock on the bottle and the evaporation helps cool it down. Our window lizard, Edwardo, has found that sitting on the bottles helps him stay cool as well. Other "friends" are not so welcome. Angi found a boomslang snake on our front porch. No pictures because we were busy killing it. Please pray for safety.