Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How a baby learns language

So we are learning language like a baby.  At first we don't have to speak, or do anything, just listen as the words are said and the object is pointed to. Then we have to point to the object or do the action.  After we have to act out short sentences.  Which is no problem until we are called on to do it then all the words seem to be brand new:) We use lots of toys and pictures

Zain even asks that you will pray for us.->

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Learning as we go

The boys playing in the tree in the front yard.
We are all learning how to live in the city:)

We are working on Swahili. It is great learning but slow going.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Praise God! finally made it to Kenya.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

leaving in 3 weeks

So AIM is purchasing tickets for us to leave the 20th of August.  But they want us to have the last $315  pledged to start in 2015.  Please pray that this last funding hurdle will be met.


Zain Jason Harding made it here April 20 2014
Praise God!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Angie's Aunt and Uncle Kindly made This Video
for us

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Where we stand

How did we get involved? I, Steve, grew up in Africa and saw the toll African roads took on vehicles. During college, friends and I restored two trucks and drove them down to Honduras to deliver them to a mission group and an orphanage.  Afterwards, I heard how the the trucks were used and problems they had; I wished we could have been there to help or had trained them in automotive maintenance basics.  Angie, during mission trips beginning in her college years as well, watched God kindle and unceasingly stoke a fire in her heart for enjoying working hand in hand with Jesus while doing vocational missions (Romans 11:29).

What's the practical need? Missionaries use their vehicles continually; their vehicles double as moving vans, ambulances, Church buses, theaters for showing “The Jesus Film,” mobile health clinics, tow trucks and links to the modern world. Their extensive, multifaceted use makes automotive maintenance critical to the sustainability of missions in remote areas. Often it seems like African roads seek to destroy or eat vehicles, dismantling them bit by bit. Most missionaries have less mechanical knowledge than a generation before, and vehicles have become more complex.

What's the spiritual need? An unexpected group of unreached people live in Nairobi, Kenya; they're business people & have not been open to conventional evangelists. This group are Kenyan citizens of South Asian decent. They run most of the auto parts stores and frequently do sales transactions at their homes while chatting over a meal.

How do we, with God's help, hope to meet the needs? Missionaries need training & help to solve vehicle problems, as well as a way to source parts. We will be based in Nairobi, buy parts, and advise missionaries with vehicle repair. During purchasing, we will interact with this unreached people group; as friendships grow, we look forward to sharing hope through Jesus Christ. We will also be able to teach automotive basics to missionaries in Africa and travel to their ministry locations to repair vehicles in the bush, in remote African villages.

Problem: We have to raise the necessary funds to go to Kenya to help meet these needs. God has raised up generous supporters, bringing in 68% of our monthly support. The Nairobi team we will be working with is starting now, presenting the imminent need to finish fund raising.

Solution: We need people praying and, if the Lord leads, supporting us to go. If you would like to join with us through financial support, we would be grateful for any amount. There is an African proverb that says, “If you want to remove a mountain, start with one stone at a time.” We have $1,725 left to raise. This amount feels like a mountain, but the stones are less daunting. One example of breaking it down looks like this: 50 people giving $34.50 monthly would put us at 100%. Practically speaking though, just as stones come in various sizes and shapes, we can use support of any amount. We know that as people help us move these “stones,” it will mean that some will want to do less or more, as God leads. All size stones are equally important to removing this mountain!  To financially support this effort, go here:    Harding Support

 Thanks so much, Steve and Angie