Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life's distractions

We need prayer to refrain from getting distracted from the paramount things by the frustrating aggravations that have seemed to inundate us for months. A small sample of things from last month... The catalytic converter died in our van just before previously arranged church presentations. Then somewhat comically during one of our presentations, a puppet show, Ezekiel ran up to the stage and attempted a hostage take-over as he jumped up and tried to grab the puppet. While Angie and both boys were sick for 2 weeks, we had family in town and Steve went on a six day out-of town trip and got bed bugs. The fridge broke. We missed one of Zeb's doctors' appointments amidst the chaos and his skin had a flare-up. Last, I hit a deer with my truck (see pic.). We need prayer to not let the little things distract us from God's call and wisdom for the vital.