Sunday, June 24, 2007

Missionary Training is a Wreck!?!

There I (Steve) was in Honduras looking at what used to be a 1995 land Rover Defender. It had been rolled over only 14,00 miles after being given to the Honduran government. It spent eh next ten year quietly rusting in a junk yard, until William Haase, a fellow MK that I had grown up with , found it and brought me down to help get it road worthy again.

At first it was hard to recognize the metal as the truck that it once was.

I was able to help William for a week and we tried to get it ready for William to drive back to the United States.
By the end of the week (with the Central American obligatory siesta time) It had taken more of it's original form and was running!.....but had no Brakes.
William was able to return later and fix brakes and drive it back to the US!

He was able to do more work on it in South Carolina, before he left to take a job in Malawi, Africa. He dropped off the Land Rover here and I am currently trying to finish the job.
Sometimes in life I do not see God's hand until after the fact. I found out that our team leaders vehicle and the team vehicle (most likely) will both be Land Rover Defenders with 300TDI engines like this one. I will help the team with mechanics, so it is amazing to see God using this truck in a junk yard in Honduras to give me some experience.


Jerry + Breanna said...

Very cool story. We are praying for you! Hope to see you guys some day in Africa ... maybe you can answer my Landie questions.

Amy said...

Wow nice web page. I wish I was as technologically astute as you are.


Charmyn said...

Cool looking truck! So we get to use this kind once we get to Chalbi!? That will be fun.
have a great day!
from your future, maybe to be, team mate!

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