Monday, February 16, 2009

Prayer and Praise

Praise: Ezekiel's arm is great. We were able to fly to Gatab and back and have it checked out in one day. It is a big relief.

Prayer: I (steve) was asked to give blood for a very sick volunteer for a different mission in Nairobi, Angi wasn't allowed give because of the nursing. This Morning the volunteer died. Please pray for her family.

Prayer: Please pray for us as we are struggling with raising Ezekiel in the heat and different culture.



Sarah Simmons said...

Y'all are definitely in our prayers. We're so happy Ezekiel's arm is better!

Amy-Lynne said...


GOD "is your constant source of stability.
HE abundantly provides safety and great wisdom. HE gives all this to those who [reverence] Him."
~ Isaiah 33:6 [NAT]


Praise the LORD for the healing of Zeke's arm! In addition to me praying for all 3 of you, I also sent a copy of this 2/16 blog as a prayer request to your 8 Great SW friends! We are praying for you and for the people of Kenya!