Friday, July 24, 2009

Belated Blog Kenya to U.S.

I'm trying to catch up on the blog. After we left Kalacha we moved to Nairobi for three months. There I (steve) worked for A.I.M.'s T.A.M. shop (Technical assistance ministries). TAM works on Missionaries' vehicles. I worked with Stephen (Right in photo below), and Benedicto (not pictured) under Trevor (Middle in photo below)

I also worked with Mark a Sudanese Darfur refugee, who was training to be a mechanic. Pray for him as he has converted but struggles with anger and frustration after seeing horrible things done to his family during the war.

Stephen Jokes around after we pulled the engine out of this old land cruiser.

a video that charmyn took after a flat going to kalacha on a nice section of road

We were able to visit my foster brother at the home he runs for street kids.

And able to see Giraffes when my family came out. Angi even fed one from her mouth!

Just before leaving we were able to make it to the beautiful coast of Kenya with my family.


Charmyn said...

Hope things are going well!!!
Robe says "Acome?" and "Naygay laf getani? Gudo isan d'amne. Gudo tap isan d'amne. Guya toko, nu Waagi isani kadana aka isan amalle gadachana. Agasuma."

"How are you? Did you reach home in peace? We miss you lots. We miss having fun with you. One day we pray to God that you can come back."

Keep up with the pics of Umuro! Miss you guys lots!!!

Amy-Lynne said...

! ! ! Thank you 1,000,000 ! ! !
This is the best present you could ever give to us. Thank You from the depths of my heart for these photographs! It is SOOOO Precious to see Ezekiel, Angie, and Steve!
Many 1,000 thanks to cool ;-) Charmyn, for the cool video.