Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How a baby learns language

So we are learning language like a baby.  At first we don't have to speak, or do anything, just listen as the words are said and the object is pointed to. Then we have to point to the object or do the action.  After we have to act out short sentences.  Which is no problem until we are called on to do it then all the words seem to be brand new:) We use lots of toys and pictures

Zain even asks that you will pray for us.->


Amy-Lynne said...

Please tell your Swahili language TEACHER that someone in California cares saw her photo and prays for her life! May her life be filled with peace and joy!
I'm also praying for for her to have wisdom in how to best teach Swahili to each of you. Please be good students, so I can have my prayers answered!
. . . with HIS love, Amy-Lynne

Lina said...

Praying for you--language learning is a real challenge!