Monday, October 12, 2015

The lighter side: funny and odd signs and sights we have seen

Mind the Bamp

Montezuma Funeral Home?

on a toilet stall door

what apartments?

VIP 4U all the time
I thought a forest had less boards


Carrie (Carolyn) Collyer said...

Steve and Angie, I have not had the pleasure of seeing your blog updates. I got caught up all at once! What a blessing that you are doing well. You are such an inspiration. God is good! The boys are growing so much. And little Zain. How darling. He is precious. All blessings to you. We are praying for much success in every and all areas. xoxox Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Brian

Amy-Lynne said...

Dearest STEVE & ANGIE ~
. . . Delightful sense of humor! May you both *always* be blessed with the ability to see "the lighter side" of life!
. . . Super CONGRATULATIONS on reaching Level 2 in your Language acquisition! I’ve prayed for you you to be good students of Swahili! Praise the LORD for this answer to our prayers, and for your diligent work!!! Achieving Level 2 answered the prayer for you two, but how’s your teacher?
. . . Do you have the same Swahili teacher as you did in October 2014? Praying for GOD to bless her with HIS peace and joy!
. . . THANK YOU especially for each and every photo!!! They mean so much!!!
. . . Love you dearly, Amy-Lynne

Ann Mansfield said...

Hi folks, really appreciate the work you are doing there. I know it will impact your children's lives forever too. Congratulations for getting that vehicle paid off, making level 2 in just one year, and learning to communicate in the native language instead of depending on interpreters. I'm so glad AmyLynne keeps us posted on your progress there!
Father God, I lift this family and their work up to you. Please bless them, provide for them, keep them all safe and well, and allow them to do a mighty work in Your Holy Name, for the sake of Christ and the gospel. Amen.
From Ann Amanda Mansfield!

Lina said...

Gotta love the TIA! My favorite mini bus saying that I've spotted-- "The Point of No Return." I also saw some toilets that were for 'temporal usage only'--what other usage were you thinking of? Great entry; keep finding the funnies!